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Learn to be still

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

HRV (Heart Rate Variablity) , reflects how quickly your heart makes small changes in the time interval between each heartbeat. World class atheletes know a high HRV can lead to quicker recovery times and therefore better performance. For the general population a high HRV is a sign of a healthier heart. Studies show, a low HRV is associated with a higher incidence of heart attacks or strokes among people who have never been flagged for heart disease.

So what does this have to do with being still? Well, if you are a freak of data like me, you can now measure how good you are at meditating and being still by how high you can get your HRV up. The science is there to back up the heart benefits of meditation and its benefits can be measured.

As cool as HRV is to me, the impact that meditation has on my mental wellness is much more profound. Winning the mental battle is a daily grind set against the backdrop of an unpredicable unconscious mind that feels the need to remind you just how bad your "event" was. It will do this on days when you least expect it. When you are watching a show, or get some indigestion, or a little twinge in your chest. Then you start the process" was that normal?" "Have I felt that before?" then you get a hot flash... oh no.. "I had that when..." Before you know it "should I go to the emergency room?". At this point, because sheer panic is right around the corner, I turn to mediatation. I breath in the "good" through my nose, and the "bad" out of my mouth. 1..2..3..4..5.. in, out 1..2..3..4..5... out. Rinse and repeat. I do this until I am calm and mindful of my snowballing thoughts. It works. Often I'll repeat my mantra in english or hebrew. Eventually, other thoughts, other than my imminent demise, start coming into ,and out of, my mind. From this I'll often go into a long meditative state.

Described is a rescue method of meditation,that works for me, born from learning how to medidate. Being proactive with meditation,and using it as a daily way to reduce stress and regain energy ,makes it easier for me to overcome my pure fear"oh no it's happening again". I'm still a work in progress. I am progressing. Some days are magic, some are tragic (well not really tragic, just blue, but blue doesn't rhyme) but always remain enthusiatic!!

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