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Jim Teal, Health and Wellness Coach, with wife Michelle

I have an MS. Ed. in educational administration. Most of my working career as been in the arena of academic administration and coaching. After my cardiac event, the coaching piece of helping students and institutions "win", served me well in winning my own battle with addiction. Becoming smoke and alcohol free is as hard to do as anything there is in life. I know the feeling of hopelessness that is accompanied with these vices, and the toll it takes on your soul, your entire being. I was embarrassed by them, tried to hide them, didn't seek the right help, and they ultimately beat me. Getting a second chance, I wasn't going to let them beat me twice.


If you are struggling with addiction, or need help coming back from a traumatic event, and would like to chat, it would be my pleasure. I created RENEW11, not only as a therapeutic means for me, but as resource for others. We are never alone in this beautiful, indescribable, messy thing we call "life".


I have been married for over 26 years. My wife and I love to be outdoors. We have four grown children and a granddaughter. Life is good, even when it isn't. 


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Health and Wellness post by my son honoring my comeback

Check out the tatoo my oldest son Connor got celebrating my life. I am very touched and humbled to be honored in this way. Family first. Love you son. 💯❤💪!!!!!

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